Megan and Steele - Founder of RackFocus Cinema dynamic duo with a shared passion for Storytelling Megan and Steele - Founder of RackFocus Cinema dynamic duo with a shared passion for Storytelling

Nevada's Premier Video Production Vision

At RackFocus Cinema, we merge cutting-edge technology with timeless cinematography, setting new benchmarks in videography for businesses and brands worldwide.

Founded in 2015 by Megan and Steele Rutherford, a dynamic duo with a shared passion for storytelling. Steele, a skilled cinematographer, discovered his love for filming in 2008. In 2015, he and Megan, a visionary with a Master's Degree in Social Work, united their talents to establish a video production company in Nevada. Driven by their mission to inspire others through cinematic brand films, they adopted cutting-edge technology, including the 8K-capable Red V-Raptor, and built a dedicated team. Their commitment to excellence was recognized in 2022 when they proudly clinched 5 Telly Awards for their outstanding video production.

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Megan Rutherford, the visionary Founder and dedicated Producer behind RackFocus Cinema

Megan Rutherford

Founder and Producer

Megan, with a Master's Degree in Social Work and a history rooted in event planning, Megan transitioned her fondness for the video aspect of events into a full-blown passion. Over the past decade, she's honed her skills, continually growing both her business and personal connections. Recognizing the impact of video production, she has dedicated 10 years to ensuring meaningful connections and narratives are elicited from every project. Her vast experience has enabled her to anticipate and navigate clients' challenges.

Steele Rutherford, the multifaceted founder, Producer, and Director of Photography at RackFocus Cinema

Steele Rutherford Founder

Producer, and Director of Photography

As a 5-time Telly Award Winner in 2022, Steele’s passion for cameras and storytelling is evident. His 15-year journey began with a love for music and a desire to film his own music videos. Although that particular video hasn’t materialized (yet!), his commitment to capturing others' stories has. Be it in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, or anywhere across the US, Steele's reputation as a top-tier cinematographer, film producer, and photography director precedes him.

Mission Statement

Crafting compelling visual narratives that inspire, resonate, and empower.

RackFocus Cinema is a specialty video production company serving clients in Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; New York City, NY; San Diego, CA; Orlando, FL; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; and across the United States.